This week’s news 27.06.16

Welcome to Park Hill Infant School’s News Crew blogging page. We will be bringing the buzz from our school each week from the children, for the children! Please check each week for more information about what we have been up to in our classes and across the school.

This week we have enjoyed…

Making our own fruit kebabs!!

In year 1 we made fruit kebabs outside in the playground. They were so tasty! We designed them and planned what would make a great tasting snack…

Pranav chose to have strawberries and pineapples because it tasted delishes. Sachi chose to have a rocket design because it would look amazing!

We had paper plates and all of us took a picture with our kebab once they were finished!

They were so good, we’ll be trying them at home!

(Sachi and Pranav)

Our fruit kebabs had so many different kinds of fruit and people even had some chocolet sause or honey or fruit sause. It is so easey to make: all you need to do is get a long wooden skewer and chop up some fruit then pile your favourites onto the sticks.


This week is Arts Week, and we have been busy taking part in workshops.


In class this week for arts week we did Origami. We made cute colourful dogs, cats and cups which you can actually put things inside! We had some teachers (they definitely helped us). Their names were MRS O, H, N, and B and they came in to teach us this special type of Art. It was so much fun, and for that we would love to have another session on Origami! Thank you for your creative encouragement.

(Isobel and Dhruv)

This week we have been talking about…

The referendum for the United Kingdom

The different parts of  the UK voted and the result was that Great Britain would leave the European Union. The final vote was 51.9% said they wanted to leave and 48.1% said they wanted to stay in the EU.



The referendum

The whole of Britain were talking about the vote about  staying in or leaving the EU. It happened last Thursday and people had to fill in a polling card with their vote. In the end the leave campaign won the VOTE  of leaving the EU.


Each week our News Crew will be reporting from our school Headquarters. Look out next week when we will be starting our ‘Teacher of the Week’ interviews with Mr Twyford from Year One!