Aims & Values

Our Vision Statement is:  All Different, All Equal, All Achieving


Our School Improvement Plan for 2023/24, was formulated by our whole school community in September 2023, and recently updated to reflect current circumstances.  Further information about our plan can be found by clicking on the following link:

School Improvement Plan 2023/24


At our school we promote 5 key values: Honesty, Kindness, Positivity, Respect and Courage.  Children are encouraged to demonstrate these values both in their school and home and life, treating others as they wish to be treated themselves.


All children are encouraged to be independent and use our ten 'Superskills for Learning'.  We believe an effective learner is someone who ... makes connections; collaborates; communicates; perseveres; is reflective; is confident; is creative; is a risk taker; is resourceful; is curious.  Children are rewarded for using these skills in their learning are able to recognise these both in their own, and others' learning.


We achieve our whole school vision, 'All Equal, All Different, All Achieving' by:-

Creating a happy, stimulating and vibrant learning environment, in which all learners’ best efforts are valued.

Recognising individual needs, and enabling all learners to achieve success, by providing an inclusive school community, which gives equality of opportunity to all.

Helping children to develop lively and enquiring minds, the ability to question and make connections, to discuss rationally, and to apply their knowledge to learning tasks and physical skills.

Helping children to develop positive attitudes, respect for self and others, an understanding of the world in which we live, and an appreciation of diversity in race, religion, culture and beliefs.

Developing an ‘I Can’ philosophy and environment in which learners are encouraged to take risks and be independent in their learning.  We encourage children to be resilient and to develop a 'growth mindset' approach.  We teach children that you can 'stretch your brain' and learn from mistakes.  The key is to never give up!

Most of all, we want learning to be fun and for all children at our school to be the best that they can be!