It is a legal requirement that children should attend school regularly.


A buzzer rings at 9.10 a.m. for all children to enter their classroom. School finishes at 3.30 p.m.


Punctuality is extremely important, as a child who is late for school misses lesson time and causes disruption for the rest of the class.


If your child arrives late for school , after the 9.10 a.m. buzzer, you need to go with them to the School Office, in order for you to sign your child in and give an explanation for their late arrival. The same procedure applies at the end of the school day, where parents are required to sign their child out and give a reason for their lateness if they collect after 3.40pm.


In the event of an emergency and/or the possibility that you will not arrive in time to collect your child, please make alternative arrangements with a friend or relative and then telephone the school so we may explain the new arrangement to your child.


Attendance which falls below 90% in any half-term will be brought to the attention of parents/carers at the end of that half-term.


Persistent absence will be reported to the Educational Welfare Service.

However, if your child has to be absent through illness please telephone the school, otherwise you will be contacted to give an explanation about your child’s non-attendance. If the absence is unavoidable and planned in advance, the school should be advised by letter. Absences without explanation and/or not sanctioned by the Headteacher, are deemed unauthorised and are recorded as such in national and local statistical returns. Parents are reminded that the imposition of financial penalty notices (FPNs), even legal action, now relate to school/pupil attendance as well as unauthorised absence/holidays. If a child is to be collected for a dental or medical appointment, or is legitimately attending school on a part-time basis, it is necessary to complete a permission form from the School Office which will be given to the class teacher before your child is allowed to leave.

Absence for Holidays

There is no automatic entitlement for any child to be granted leave of absence from school for the purpose of a family holiday. It is not acceptable to take your child out of school, during term-time, for occasional or family holidays as they interrupt a child’s learning. We place a high priority on children acquiring a sense of commitment towards regular attendance at school. The child whose parents encourage and condone absence from school for occasional days or holidays, whilst their child is in their early years of education, is more likely to become a truant in the future, when they are responsible for getting themselves to school. In addition, we are now required to record all absences on the child’s Annual Record of Achievement.


Comparative Data 2016-2017

Attendance is currently 96.6%, (up to 30/1/17), in comparison with 95.8% for the same period 2015/2016. The School and our Education Welfare Officer, Tracey Gordon, have been working together to maintain the improvements made over the last year. Overall attendance is continuing to improve.  However, there are still a number of families that require intensive support and intervention to maintain regular attendance. The school works hard to forge links with external agencies in order to support our vulnerable families and improve attendance for all pupils.

Current Data - (*up to 3/6/15)

% 13/14 14/15 15/16 16/17
HT1 96.8% 97.2% 97.1% 97.2%
HT2 96.4% 94.9% 95.8% 96.6%
HT3 96.3% 94.9% 95.7%
HT4 96.3% 95.1% 95.4%
HT5 96.4% 95.3% 95.6%
HT6 96.3%  95.4% 95.5%


Persistent Absentee (PA) Pupils (under 90%)

  Number of PA Pupils % of School Population
15/16  23 8%
16/17 20  7% (to 30/1/17)


In order to improve attendance we build positive partnerships between school and home, acknowledging the importance of attendance and it’s impact on your child’s attainment. OFSTED Inspections have emphasised that parents should treat pupil attendance more seriously and that it is not acceptable for families to take advantage of cheap, extended or additional holidays, during term time. Attendance of 95% and above during a term, is recognised by awarding an Attendance Certificate to the child. 100% attendance is rewarded with a special gift, at a Celebratory Assembly.