Medical Information

If any pupil has a serious or recurring medical problem, it is essential for parents to inform the school, so that details may be entered in their child’s School File and the class Accident and Treatment Book. Should any change occur in the medical information given when your child first started school, the school must be informed.

Should any child become ill or have an accident whilst at school, parents will be advised, immediately after we have contacted the Emergency Services if it is a serious occurrence,  and at the end of the day for minor concerns. You may be contacted and asked to collect your child if they are unwell during the day. It is essential that the school has a correct home/mobile number and at least two contacts to use in an emergency. Please ensure that you keep the Contact Form up-to-date, a copy of which can be obtained from the school office.


We are willing to administer drugs to help those children who suffer from asthma or diabetes and have an NHS care plan.  We are able to administer other medication on receipt of a completed form, available from the school, containing written instructions from the child’s parent/carer regarding the administration of the medication. The medication itself, must be correctly labelled, with the child’s name, the dose to be given and within the recommended date, to ensure that it will be effective.

There may be instances where a pupil with a health problem is able, under doctor’s advice, to attend school but may be required to take medication such as antibiotics. In such cases it should be determined whether the interval of dosage can allow the medication to be taken outside normal school hours. If the doctor has specifically requested medication in school hours parents should, if possible, call at school to administer this themselves. If parents are unable to visit the school during their working day, school staff are able to administer prescribed medication, such as antibiotics, if a detailed form is completed at the school office prior to the administration.