Lunchtime at School



Download the Autumn Term 2019 menu by clicking here.   

The allergen information for this menu can be found here.


Children are served their lunchtime meal in two sittings. The first children eat at 12.15pm and the remiander follow.  Children from the same class sit at the same lunch table, under supervision, whether they have a school meal or bring a packed lunch from home.


There are three options for a lunchtime meal, two provided by the school and one provided from home.  The school provides unlimited water with every meal, (whether it is a school or home meal).

Hot School Meal

School Meals are now free for all Infant aged children, (Reception to Year 2).   The menu is rotated every 3 weeks and the current menu can be downloaded and viewed above, (when available).   Children whose  parents are in  receipt of Income Support or Income-Based Job Seeker’s Allowance should fill out the relevant form which will entitle them to free milk and Pupil Premium Funding.  This form is available from the school office, by telephone or coming in person,  and requests are treated in confidence.

School Packed Lunch

A packed lunch menu is available, through the school, for those children who prefer this type of meal. If you would like your child to be given a packed lunch by the school, you will need to fill out the relevant form and hand it into the school office with your child's choice, by the previous Thursday at the latest. The packed lunch request form can be downloaded by clicking here.  Parents may also take advantage of this service when their child requires a packed lunch for an educational visit.

Home Packed Lunch

Your child may bring into school a packed lunch from home.  Please prepare all food so that it is ready for your child to eat (peel oranges for example).  Do not include nuts or nut products such as peanut butter sandwiches,  (as these are extremely dangerous for some children), or sweets (chocolate biscuits are acceptable).  Please do not provide a drink as all children have water provided.  Please ensure that the food container is clearly marked with both your child’s and their class teacher’s name. (There are no cooling facilities for the packed lunches so please think carefully as to what to give your child and include a ‘freezer pack’ in the lunchbox if necessary).

Please note that all children will automatically be given a hot lunch unless they bring a packed lunch from home on the day, or the office has previously received a school packed lunch request.


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