Healthy Schools

We have been awarded 'Healthy School' status. There are many ways in which you can support us in maintaining this...

  • If your child has a packed lunch rather than school dinners please ensure they bring a healthy lunch to school. Try to provide a balanced meal, containing fruit and vegetables, and ensure they don't come to school with sweets or unhealthy snacks.


  • Children  have access to a water cooler in their classroom to fill up their bottle regularly.


To support our Healthy School, please do not bring in any cakes or sweets to give out to the class to celebrate your child's birthday.  


  • Walk to School - all the children are given the opportunity to participate in WOW, which stands for Walk once a Week. Children are encouraged to walk, cycle or scooter to school on a weekly, if not daily basis.  Children record how they travelled to school daily on the class wall-chart.  At the end of the month badges are awarded to those children who have walked at least once for each week in that month.



  • Alternatively, children are encouraged to ride their bike or scooter to school and then store them safely in our 4 pods, located at the bottom of the playground by the entrance. (Please note that bikes and scooters are left at your own risk, so please secure them with your own lock).  Bikes and scooters should not be used in the school playground for the health and safety of our whole school community. 




Healthy School Street Scheme 



This Croydon Council scheme came into place on 23rd January 2023 and affects Stanhope Road, The Avenue and Cotelands.  Therefore, from this date, you can not drive your car to the school gates between the specified times (8am-9:30am and 2pm-4pm) or you will be fined by the Council.


Please click here to see the attached leaflet from the council 


This leaflet includes a map of the pedestrian only zones and information on :


  1. How the scheme will work


2. How to apply for exemption permits


3. How and when to submit objections and feedback


4. Where to find more information and how to contact Croydon Council for any queries


This Council scheme is designed to encourage pupils to make safer, healthier journeys to and from school, and choose more sustainable and active ways of getting to school such as walking, cycling, or scooting. The aim is for a reduction in traffic congestion, noise, and air pollution, so the streets are safer and more appealing for pupils making healthier journeys.


Many parents have already enquired about how they can submit objections to the scheme.  As this initiative is not organised by the school, you will need to send your objections to Croydon Council.  This can be done between 23rd January 2023 to midnight on 23rd July 2023 via the following methods.


  1. The easiest and quickest method is online.  Complete the online form at:


Alternatively, you can email, using the reference PARKHILLHSS/2023 in the subject line.


Or you can post your response quoting scheme reference PARKHILLSS/2023 to Highway Improvements Team, Bernard Weatherill House, 8 Mint Walk, CR0 1EA, to arrive by 23 July 2023. Please provide your full postal address if you would like the Council to record and consider your views.


It is important to note that this scheme has been introduced by Croydon Council and not the school. Therefore, please do not contact the school office regarding this scheme as we are unable to provide any further information on the scheme – we only have the same information as you!


For any queries – excluding queries about exemption permits – please email: including the scheme reference, PARKHILLHSS/2023.


Child Wellbeing and Mental Health

We also recognise that part of being a Healthy School means that we actively contribute towards every child’s positive mental health and wellbeing and demonstrate this commitment by:

  • Creating a safe, warm and welcoming learning atmosphere within the school which supports positive behaviours for learning and successful relationships for all children


  • Integrating activities that support the development of social and emotional skills and wellbeing and prevent bullying


  • Employing an in-house counsellor / nurture and support mentor to work with individuals and small groups hit they navigate their way through life's problems


  • Encouraging all children to display our 5 School Values : Honesty, Respect, Courage, Positivity and Kindness


  • Whole school participation in Children's Mental Health Week every year


  • Whole School participation in Anti Bullying Week every year


  • The presence of 'Worry Monsters' in every classroom:   Children can write their name or 'worry' on a slip of paper and feed them to these tiny soft 'monsters'.  An adult from their class will then be able to support them as appropriate.


  • Implementing the School wide use of Jigsaw, our PSHE scheme of work


  • Using 'Circle Times' on the carpet to provide a safe forum for discussing topics which some children may otherwise find challenging to speak about


  • Staff training and CPD or developing pupils’ social, emotional and mental wellbeing including Mental Health First Aid



Child Wellbeing and Mental Health - Useful Contacts for Parents and Carers

Park Hill Infant School Headship Team


T: 020 8680 0747

Nurture & Support Mentor – Ms Mascarenhas


Our experienced team are here to support you and your child.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you need support.


Young Minds – children’s mental health charity


NHS: Every Mind Matters