The Open Day dates Reception 2022 are:

  • (FULLY BOOKED) Friday 12th November 2021: 1-hour slots of either 10am, 11am or 2pm
  • (FULLY BOOKED) Friday 19th November 2021: 1-hour slots of either 10am or 2pm

Children are admitted into our school according to agreed guidelines, laid down by the Croydon Education Authority. Modifications may prove necessary from time to time in order to comply with both local and central government legislation.

A copy of Croydon’s community schools admission arrangements for 2022/2023 can be downloaded here.

A copy Croydon's Letter to Parents for admission arrangements for 2022/2023 can be downloaded here. 

A copy of Croydon's Eadmission leaflet can be downloaded here and a copy of the poster to parents can be downloaded here.

Guidance on completing your online application can found here :

Parents should express their school preferences by completing the online admission form.  Unfortunately, we must stress that completion of this form in no way guarantees a place at the school. On National Primary Offer Day (16th April each year), parents are informed of which school Croydon Council's Admissions Team have offered their child.

At Park Hill Infants, many factors influence exactly when a child will be admitted to school. As a general guide however, children who reach the age of five in the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms are currently admitted on the following basis.

Autumn born (five in September to December): admitted in early September

Spring born (five in January to April): admitted in early/mid September

Summer born (five in May to August): admitted mid/end of September

All children start on a part-time basis initially, dependent on the child’s date of birth. When your child is offered a place, you will be sent our school forms to complete. We ask that you bring these, together with either your child’s birth certificate or passport to one of the visits, arranged in order for both parents and their child to familiarise themselves with our school community, prior to the child’s admission into school.