“Our vision for Park Hill Infants’ is to provide a warm, caring and stimulating infant environment, which encourages, values and celebrates diversity and individual excellence. We aim to make a difference to every child, regardless of any barriers to learning they may face. We want to instil a life-long love of learning in every member of the school community. We wish to equip all pupils with the skills necessary to become interesting, well-rounded individuals, who in turn will make a difference to others in their lives”.

We value the individuality of all of our children and are committed to giving them every opportunity to achieve the highest of standards. We do this by taking account of pupils varied life experiences and needs. We actively seek to remove the barriers that can hinder or exclude individual pupils or groups of pupils from learning and participation.

Children with learning, physical or behavioural difficulties are identified early so that they can be supported effectively.  If your child has an identified special educational need, they will receive extra support in their learning from their class teacher, class based learning support assistant and for some children, from the Inclusion Team. Parents are kept fully informed if it is thought that their child would benefit from having the additional support of a Special Educational Need (SEN) Support Plan and we welcome parental involvement in the process.

When addressing a child’s special educational needs and disabilities the school’s own financial, material and human resources are initially used, and if these are not sufficient then outside expertise is sought. We also receive specialist support from a range of external agencies. Our Inclusion Leader is always pleased to discuss any worries or concerns parents may have.

Wheelchair access, into the main building only, is by means of a ramp in the reception outdoor area into the main school hall. Access into the 'pod' classrooms is also by means of a ramp.

In our school, a wide number of languages are spoken by our pupils. Some children are in the initial stages of learning English and for them we provide additional support in class. We actively promote and celebrate cultural diversity in our school, through the use of books, displays, assemblies and special events.

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