This week’s news 04.07.16

This week our News Crew have been busy taking part in the Talent Show which we will report to you next Monday. We have begun our Teacher of the Week interviews, and this week we start with Mr Twyford. We invited him to our News Crew Headquarters to find out what makes him tick…

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Pranav: ‘What is your favourite hobby?’


Chloe: ‘Why do you enjoy playing Rugby so much?’   

‘Because I enjoy playing as a team and we always win because we persevere’.

Isobel: ‘What is your favourite subject to teach in school and why?’

‘My favourite subject is English because you get to be creative.’

Nivedya: ‘What made you decide to be a teacher?’

‘So I don’t have to grow up!’

Vanisha: ‘Which superhero power would you like to have?’

‘My superpower would be to fly so that I could go anywhere I wanted to in the world!’

Dhruv: ‘What is your dream birthday wish?’

‘To eat lots of pizza and eat chocolate!’

Come back next week for our interview with Miss Hulet! We will also be bringing the scoop from our School Talent Shows…